Tubs of Bubble O’Bill & Paddle Pops!

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This news has just made our night! Week! Month! Year!

Ritchies Merbein posted tonight about the brand new product that has filled their freezers, and very soon our stomachs.

What is it you ask? You can now get tubs of Bubble O’Bill ice cream! If that wasn’t mouthwatering enough, you can also get Paddle Pop Rainbow by the tub too!

Credit: Ritchies Merbein

These bad boys come in 1L tubs and are sure to fly out of the freezer!

No word yet when they will be available nationwide. But it is only a matter of time before these nostalgic ice creams are being devoured in front of screens around the country.

Thanks to Ritchie’s Merbein for allowing us to use their photo!

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