Tim Tams release new ‘Dark Chocolate Chilli’ flavour!

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It is pretty much the national delicacy, and today Tim Tams have been made a little spicier thanks to a new flavour!

Arnotts have released Dark Chocolate Chilli flavoured Tim Tams, for anyone wanting to spice up their life.

Tim Tam Marketing Manager Matt Grant said: “Aussies love Tim Tam biscuits and although they cherish the classics, they always get fired up for indulgent, new flavours. To bring Dark Choc Chilli to life, we have been expertly crafting with our Master Bakers, the perfect combination of a heat sensation and our decadent, rich dark choc. A hot Tim Tam experience like no other… what more could you wish for?”

I am not quite sure how these bad boys will go with a Tim Tam slam, but it is worth a shot!

These spicy delights are available from Woolworths now!

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