Snake bites Robert Irwin on the face!

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Irwin by name, Irwin by nature.

Robert Irwin, son of legendary Steve Irwin, has had a close encounter with a carpet python that has left him with bite marks on his face.

Irwin was filming for an Animal Planet special when the incident occurred. He was trying to rescue the carpet python, when the snake struck and narrowly missed puncturing Irwin’s left eye.

In classic Irwin style, Robert said “Wait for it. After a snake rescue with this cheeky carpet python while filming for ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’ it brought back fun memories of a very similar situation that happened decades before in one of the original crocodile hunter documentaries! Maybe it was her way of saying ‘thanks’ for being rescued!”

The snake attack was eerily similar to one that happened to his dad, Steve, in his prime.

We know this isn’t going to be the last close encounter Robert has with wildlife. He is an Irwin afterall!

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