Reported drops ‘f-bomb’ live on Melbourne TV

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We have probably all said it at one stage in our lives, and probably more so since coronavirus has been here. However, the vast majority of us have never said it live on TV….

Watch Channel 9 reporter Lana Murphy letting us how her day is going below.

After quickly crossing back to the main studio, newsreader Alicia Loxley apologised for the on air gaffe.

“We’d like to apologise for an earlier report which inadvertently included some bad language,’’ she said. “Clearly this should have not gone to air, and we are sorry for the mistake.”

Murphy put out a message on Twitter to clear it all up.

2020 though am I right? Amen Lana, amen!

Anyone else brave enough to let us know a time when they stuffed up like this?



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