Pretzel M&Ms are here!

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The wait is over! Pretzel M&Ms are making their way to Australia!

To celebrate World Chocolate Day, this tasty treat will be making it’s way on to supermarket shelves next week.

The new creation will showcase the M&M signature milk chocolate exterior with a smooth milk chocolate filling, and tiny pretzel pieces throughout the centre.

The tasty treat will be exclusive to Coles, and will be produced in Ballarat, at the Mars Wrigley Factory.

‘It is very exciting that M&M’S Pretzel is produced locally, bringing the treat to Australia for the first time,’ a spokesperson for Mars Wrigley said.

‘Most people don’t know but some of Australia’s most beloved chocolate brands such as maltesers, milky way, mars and pods are actually made here by Aussies.

‘Mars Wrigley Australia is investing in new equipment to make these new M&M’s in regional Victoria and Ballarat is the only Mars Wrigley factory in the world that has the capability to manufacture pods – who would have thought.’

This new reason to stop dieting, will be available from July 17!

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