Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic in brawl over cheating claims

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The Today Show host Karl Stefanovic and Australian cricket icon Michael Clarke got into a heated argument in a park, during which Clarke received a face-slap from his fiancée and was accused of infidelity.

Sisters Jade and Jasmine Yarbrough, two of Australia’s most well-known celebrities, engaged in an unusual battle in Noosa on January 10 that was caught on camera by a passerby.

On Wednesday evening, Clarke told The Daily Telegraph, “I accept full responsibility for this altercation and am broken by my conduct.

The altercation started over dinner at a beachside restaurant between the two well-known couples and their celebrity accountant friend Anthony Bell.

Amazing vision depicts a hobbling Clarke in a park without a shirt, surrounded by people trying to diffuse the situation, while an enraged Jade yells at him and hits him in the face.

“You f**ked her on December 17 … You f**ked her, you’re a f**king dog,” Jade screams.

Clarke responds: “Baby you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”

Around 9.30 p.m., a screaming match took place in a park in front of a large crowd. It was so upsetting that a bystander persuaded the group to move the fight elsewhere by yelling “there are children over there.”

Watch the incident here: Michael Clarke and Karl Stefanovic

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