McDonald’s Unleashes Ultimate Cheese Delight: You Won’t Believe What’s on Their New Menu!

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McDonald’s Introduces Cheesy Range: Burgers with Melting Mozzarella Patties

Maccas, the beloved fast-food giant, has finally confirmed the rumors swirling around the internet. They are indeed releasing a new and exciting addition to their menu – ‘burger’ patties made entirely of cheese. The anticipation has been building, and now the news is official – their Cheesy range is set to make its debut this week!

So, what exactly does this Cheesy range entail? It’s not just one offering; it’s a collection of delectable burgers, all featuring what McDonald’s describes as “a decadent melting mozzarella patty” with a crisp coating. Let’s take a closer look at the lineup.

1. Cheesy Angus Burger: A juicy beef patty served with bacon, golden cheesy patty, Aussie Jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, McChicken sauce, and tomato chili jam, all lovingly placed on a gourmet bun.

2. Cheesy Chicken Burger: A scrumptious combination of 100% Aussie RSPCA Approved chicken with McChicken sauce, tomato chili jam, and Jack cheese.

3. Cheesy Beef Burger: Similar to its chicken counterpart, but with a juicy 100% Aussie beef patty instead.

A spokesperson from McDonald’s Australia expressed their excitement about the Cheesy range, stating, “Our winter menu is all about great tasting winter indulgence, and it doesn’t get much better than a cheesy twist on Macca’s iconic flavors.”

The appeal of this limited-time range lies in the crispy, golden patty filled with melting cheese, perfectly complementing the premium Aussie beef and chicken. McDonald’s recognizes the success of their previous Cheesy range and anticipates a similar response this time around.

For those with a penchant for cheese, the Cheesy menu extends beyond burgers. The winter menu also features Mozzarella sticks, which were added a few weeks prior. Additionally, the now-legendary raspberry and custard pie McFlurry offers a sweet and tangy dessert option.

If you’re eagerly waiting to try out these cheesy delights, mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 2. The Cheesy range will be available not only in McDonald’s restaurants nationwide but also through the MyMacca’s app and McDelivery. But act fast, as this mouthwatering offering is only available for a limited time.

So, brace yourselves for a winter filled with cheesy goodness at McDonald’s. Whether you’re a devoted cheese enthusiast or just curious to try something new, don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in the Cheesy range. Head to your nearest Macca’s and treat yourself to these delightful creations before they vanish from the menu!

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