McDonald’s discontinue popular item from it’s menu – FOREVER!

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It has been a week of devastating blows to the lovers of biscuits and now the every day Aussie will now be without a staple of the Sunday morning hangover.

McDonald’s has confirmed that Sprite has been taken from its menu effective immediately, and has been replaced with Sprite No Sugar.

Food blogger Russ was also not happy about the move. Picture: TikTok/Russ.Eats

Outrage has filled social media, with many calling for the sugary soft drink to be brought back ASAP.


BREAKING NEWS: MACCAS REPLACING FULL SUGAR SPRITE WITH ZERO SUGAR #russeats #mcdonalds #maccas #maccasau #food #fastfood #foodie #fyp #junkfood #sprite #drink

♬ original sound – Russ.Eats™️

Will McDonald’s bow to the pressure of the nation? Time will tell. This is one debate that will not lose it’s fizz!


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