Krispy Kreme release new Oreo doughnuts!

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Krispy Kreme has released a new range of doughnuts, and it looks like we are delaying our diet again.


Read more about the AMAZING new flavours, direct from Krispy Kreme!

Get your Fill of our latest collaboration – Krispy Kreme with Oreo®. Bringing together our Signature Doughnut recipe with the ‘wonderfilled’ flavor of Oreo® cookies, this is one pairing that you need to share with your friends, and family!

The family-favourite, Krispy Kreme with Oreo® – Original, is our signature doughnut recipe, with Kookies ‘n Kreme filling, topped with icing and Oreo® cookie pieces.

We know that in every group of friends, there’s one (or two) who just can’t get enough of chocolate, so we’ve made the Krispy Kreme with Oreo® – Chocolate doughnut. Taking our signature doughnut, we’ve filled it with choc crème, and topped with choc icing and Oreo® cookie pieces.

Krispy Kreme with Oreo® – Strawberry is as delicious as it looks and sounds. Here, our signature doughnut has been filled with strawberry crème, topped with strawberry icing and Oreo® cookie pieces.

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