Is your Christmas too “bogan”?

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Christmas seems to be the perfect time to showcase our true classist or classless selves. everything from the way our homes are decorated to the Christmas lunch we serve, the gifts we give, and our reactions to gifts we receive. According to Julie Lamberg-Burnet, an etiquette expert who talked with the Daily Mail, all of these factors determine where we rank on the bogan spectrum.

Firstly, the decorations.

You might be tempted to make a beer can Christmas tree if you enjoy both beer and the holiday season. Doing this, according to Lamberg-Burnet, would be erroneous if you want to hide your inner bogan.

Some devoted bogans like to use Bundaberg rum cans instead, which rates exceptionally high on the Christmas bogan scale. This beer can obsession is not just for beer.

If you are a passionate and unapologetic bogan who wants Christmas to last forever, please leave your decorations up until February. perhaps even March The longer you leave them up after January 6th, the bigger a bogan you are.

If you’re trying to hide your bogan tendencies, Lamberg-Burnet urges you to take down the decorations before the deadline of January 6.

Because we want everyone to know how much we love Christmas, some of us simply can’t leave our Christmas decorations inside our homes and must take them with us wherever we go. If you have the impulse to decorate your car with reindeer antlers, you are demonstrating how much you adore Christmas and how true to your bogan roots you are. Respect.

If you appreciate fake snow and laser shows, you are not only one of the world’s most entertaining individuals, but you are also undoubtedly coming out to your neighbourhood as a charming bogan.

Let’s now discuss some warning indications of a bogan’s eating style.

The level of your fancy can be accurately determined by your consumption of cheese. We all like tasty cheese cubes on a stick, but if you serve them, you are without a doubt a fantastic bogan.

If you want to appear upscale, Lamberg-Burnet suggests providing a cheese plate with three substantial portions of premium cheese and crackers that are so expensive that should hope the checkout clerk forgets to scan them.

Now, when it comes to dips, your behaviour will always be a plain indication of class. If you’re proud of your bogan heritage, dip once more.

Obviously, condiments are essential as well. Tomato sauce need to be skipped, according to Lamberg-Burnet. Despite being our national hero, we must prohibit it on Christmas Day if we want people to perceive us as showy.

The etiquette expert also suggested that we use linen napkins and refrain from taking drinks inside the restroom.

The eating rules show that bogans are considerably more fun, just like the decorating rules do.

Last are the dos and don’ts of giving.

Lamberg-Burnet recommends people to give items that they might genuinely use, unless it’s a Lynx gift pack. That should never be encouraged.

Never forget to thank the person who gave you the gift; doing so feels more in keeping with being a decent person than it does with belonging to a particular social class.

Potted plants are a respectable present option unless they are put in a beer can.

Regardless of who you are this Christmas, wear it with pride. No matter what class we may be from, we all deserve a very good Christmas!

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