‘Intimate Partner’ visits still allowed through lockdown

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As of midnight tonight (July 8), Melbourne metro area and Mitchell Shire will be placed in to a 6 week lockdown to help combat the increase in coronavirus.

The Stay At Home Orders will last for six weeks and residents living in the affected areas will only be able to leave their home for a specific set of reasons. These include work/education, care or compassionate reasons, exercise, grocery shopping and essential visits such as doctors appointments.

Lockdown is daunting for so many reasons, but especially not being able to see that ‘special’ someone for six weeks. However, we have some good news for you on that front!

At the moment the rules currently state that you’ll be able to visit an intimate partner during the Stay At Home Orders. This means you will be able to see and ‘catch up’ with your significant other, under the compassionate reasons clause.

For the full list of Stay At Home Orders, please click here.

Could this see a spike in births in Melbourne in 9 months? Watch this space!

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