Iconic Australian snack makes a triumphant comeback to shelves!

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In a triumphant comeback that has snack enthusiasts doing a happy dance, the beloved Chicken Parmi Shapes have made a glorious return to the spotlight. After what seems like an eternity of longing, the flavor that won over hearts in the past is back, and Aussies are falling head over heels for this crispy, cheesy concoction.

Thousands of passionate Australians have cast their votes in a recent customer survey, and the verdict is in: Chicken Parmi Shapes are here to stay! This culinary masterpiece combines the goodness of crispy chicken schnitzel, gooey cheese, tangy tomato sauce, and a sprinkle of Italian herbs, creating a taste that’s nothing short of legendary.

With boxes flying off the shelves both in-store and online at Coles, Woolworths, and independent supermarkets, it’s time to loosen those purse strings – all it takes is a mere $4 to snag a box of this newfound snack-time hero.

However, just as Chicken Parmi Shapes rejoiced in its return, a spicy debate sizzled in the background. The age-old ‘Parmi’ versus ‘Parma’ spelling showdown took center stage, leaving linguists and snack aficionados both scratching their heads and chuckling. One witty individual quipped, ‘Parmigiana, shortened word is parmi. If there was an ‘A’ in the middle you’d have an argument.’ Another chimed in, ‘No issues with the spelling, Arnott’s got this right.’ Yet, a brave soul ventured forth, ‘Looked promising until they used an ‘A’ instead of an ‘I’.’ And amid the uproar, a genius pointed out, ‘And Arnott’s sales have just gone through the roof via free promotion from [people] arguing about spelling.’

But fear not, for the masters behind this savory sensation have spoken. Arnott’s responded to the linguistic skirmish with a tongue-in-cheek retort: ‘We’ve heard the nation is divided on ‘Parmi’ vs. ‘Parma’, and who are we to take one side or the other? That’s why – if you grab a box and look closely – we’ve included both versions on either side of the box!’

So, while the ‘Parmi’ versus ‘Parma’ debate rages on like a never-ending telenovela, one thing remains certain – our new Shapes flavor has managed to do the impossible. It has united Aussies from all corners under the banner of delightful deliciousness, proving once again that in the realm of snacks, laughter, and camaraderie, everyone can agree on one thing: yum!”

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