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Aussies furious as national treasure destroyed!

Aussies furious as national treasure destroyed!

After receiving online criticism for dishing up a nutritious fairy bread substitute made with veggies, an Australian mother has spoken out.

This week, culinary educator Fatimah Omran posted the unusual recipe to TikTok and stated that her 13-year-old had requested that she prepare fairy bread.

The ex-Masterchef contestant admitted that the amount of sugar in the sprinkles stopped her from granting her daughter’s request for fairy bread.

Therefore, the Sydney mother-of-three came up with a contentious healthy alternative to the traditional dish and put it online. She was soon inundated with critical remarks.

The viral video has more than 3.5 million views in less than a day, and Fatimah even revealed that someone had reported her social media sites because they were so furious.

In order to make “sprinkles,” Fatimah mixes shredded coconut with red cabbage, beetroot, and turmeric and then dries the mixture.

She claimed that despite her best attempts, her daughter “wasn’t impressed” and would not even attempt it.

“It’s mind boggling how much hate I’ve received. They judged me for a 30 second video, people are so easily triggered. My page was actually reported because of it. It’s a sad world when a mum is threatened for feeding her children healthy food. It shocks me that people are so passionate about a sandwich.” Fatima has reported.

Fatimah clarified that even though she permits her kids to consume sweets, she always makes an effort to promote the consumption of healthy alternatives.

Her interest for nutrition stems from her own experiences with cancer, which has made her focus on healthy eating more than before.

More than 3.5 million people have watched the TikTok video since it was posted, and hundreds of individuals have commented on it to express their opinions.


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